MBD Activities “MBD GIFT”


I’m working on an activity called “MBD GIFT”.
This activity uses a portion of the proceeds from the sale of MBD lures to deliver them directly to students who have yet to use swimbaits much.
This is the second time we have done this activity.

The reason why I am doing this activity is because I want more young people to know the appeal of swimbaits.
The excitement of catching a fish with a swimbait, the excitement of catching it, all of it will be memorable and unforgettable fish.
I want people to feel this emotion.
We started with that in mind.

We will still continue this activity as MBD.
It is thanks to the users who buy MBD lures that we are able to continue.
Thank you for everything.
I’m happy to see that MBD lures are being used even in countries far away from Japan.
Thank you for your continued support.